News archive of the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission

Marine litter campaigns in Baltic cities 2020

10.01.2020 - 12:00
plastic bottle on the shore
Marine litter is one of the most prominent challenges when it comes to the living and recreational coastal areas, be it coast of the Baltic Sea or shore of a lake or a river. Campaigns to address the problem of marine litter are a great way to bring attention to this issue, raise awareness of citizens and boost citizen involvement in the local sustainability actions. These campaigns can also benefit international cooperation through supporting transboundary organisations with local information...

First HUPMOBILE webinar invited BSR cities to join project activities

08.01.2020 - 14:26
Webinar in action, people behind computers giving presentations
The first HUPMOBILE webinar was held on 18 December 2019 as a part of the project activities at the project meeting that took place in the premises of KTH in Södertälje, Sweden. The main aim of the webinar was to disseminate information about HUPMOBILE project, its activities and the Follower City role to BSR cities. All of the project partners had an opportunity to discuss their activities and work packages in the project as well as highlight the role of the Follower Cities to the project...

Raising public awareness in St. Petersburg for sustainable development

30.10.2019 - 17:47
Improvement of the state of the environment in St. Petersburg directly depends, among others, on the effectiveness of the activities aimed at raising awareness of residents in environmental issues. To develop the environmental culture of St. Petersburg residents, to promote the sound use of nature resources, the Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety, City of St. Petersburg (the Committee), based on its authorities, is implementing measures including both...


30.10.2019 - 13:55
Tamarinden is located in Sörbyängen, an expansive area in southern Örebro, just over two kilometers south of the city center. As the area develops, the focus will be on the life between the houses and smart solutions. Strong focus on Smart and Sustainable solutions In the last few decades, the residential areas of Sörbyängen, Ladugårdsängen and Södra Ladugårdsängen have emerged on the former airfield. With Tamarinden, a development is now beginning eastwards with about 600 housing units where...

Social Kitchen in Kemi - tackling food waste

30.10.2019 - 13:39
Kemi is situated in Northern Finland and Southern Lapland by the Gulf of Bothnia, 35 kilometers from the border of Sweden. City of Kemi has committed to Sustainable Development Goals and Green acting and thinking model is included in city strategy. Green and sustainable Kemi project brings these decisions in practice. Within the project we have embraced the world or at least the city and have taken lots of bigger and smaller actions. Social Kitchen is one of the most interesting models we have...

UBC Sustainable Cities Commission at the UBC XV General Conference in Kaunas, Lithuania

30.10.2019 - 10:07
The XV UBC General Conference was held 15-18th October in Kaunas, the historical center of Lithuania, with the topic “Building an inclusive and resident-focused city. The Baltic way”. The conference marked the beginning of a new era for UBC as Mantas Jurgutis, Deputy Mayor of Kaunas, was voted for becoming the president of the UBC. His team of newly elected vice presidents consists of Elina Rantanen (1st Vice-President), Chairperson of Turku City Council, Piotr Grzelak, Deputy Mayor of Gdansk,...

LIFE SURE – Sediment Uptake and Remediation on Ecological basis

30.10.2019 - 09:58
Background and objectives A well-known environmental problem within the Baltic Sea region is caused from shallowed overgrown bays, which occur when dead biota and particles are transported to coastal areas and accumulate at the bottom, adding to the sediments. This negative process has been accelerated by climate change and human activities, such as stormwater runoff from agricultural, industrial and urban areas that brings not only particles to shallow water bodies but also contaminants such...

The cleanest European Championship in athletics was held in Gävle 2019!

30.10.2019 - 09:46
On July 11-14th, the European Athletics U23 Championship 2019 was held at the Gavlehov Stadium Park in Gävle, Sweden. 1500 competitors from 51 countries, 500 volunteers and over 13 500 visitors. With the goal to offer a sustainable championship in world class, a festival atmosphere and full stands, Gävle Municipality invested a great deal in working sustainably in all dimensions and minimizing the environmental impact on the city’s environment. The event received an environmental diploma...

Students of Cēsis help tackle climate change

30.10.2019 - 09:42
For the second year in a row, the students of the Cēsis Pastariņš Primary School are enjoying the benefits of attending a sustainable, energy efficient school. Upon completing the school’s renovation project, its CO2 output was cut by 57,182 tonnes, and the annual heating consumption shrunk to 27.55 kWh/m2 and below. In 2016, the Cēsis municipality and its’ chairman Mr Jānis Rozenbergs joined the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, committing to reducing global and local CO2...

Back to the Future – CIVITAS Forum 2019 in Graz

29.10.2019 - 16:20
This year´s CIVITAS Forum returned after 16 years to the place where it started- to Graz, Austria. From October 2nd -4th a record number of 650 participants from Europe and beyond gathered for three days, filled with sessions, presentations, study visits, networking and discussions around sustainable mobility. The topic “back to the future” stood for stock-taking on how CIVITAS as an initiative has developed, what role it is playing today and how to continue it in the future, as well as looking...

CASCADE discussed Climate Change Risks with municipalities during the XV UBC General Conference in Kaunas

29.10.2019 - 15:14
The CASCADE “Community Safety Action for Climate Adaptation and Development” project funded by EC DG ECHO and awarded the EUSBSR Flagship status by PA Secure operates as a pilot example for cross-sectoral cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. The CASCADE project brings together civil protection specialists and climate change adaptation experts for the first time to fight the impacts of climate change jointly. The first transnational Policy Dialogue meeting in the CASCADE project was held during...

SUMPs-Up upcoming webinars for the mobility practitioners

29.10.2019 - 14:17
The CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project offers free webinars for European cities enabling capacity building in the sphere of sustainable urban mobility planning. Check out the upcoming webinars. We hope that you will take use of the already recorded webinars when a need arises – the webinars describe the journey of creating a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and give some good hints on from how to start the SUMP process to how to gain political commitment to your SUMP in your city. Integrating SUMPs with...

New era of SUMPs: The 2nd edition of SUMP guidelines has been published!

29.10.2019 - 14:15
Who would have thought six years ago, that today cities vividly discuss at conferences how to deal with e-scooters flooding city centers? In 2013 MaaS was just emerging and the (mobility) world looked differently – politically as well as in terms of technological innovations. So, it was time to look at the SUMP guidelines, that have been used and implemented successfully in the past years, take the experiences from the cities as well as numerous EU-funded projects on SUMP and their outcomes,...

HUPMOBILE is looking for Follower Cities!

29.10.2019 - 14:10
Does your city fit the following criteria? is a small, middle-sized or big city, is a city with or without port in the Baltic Sea Region, has mobility-related challenges in the port area or mobility challenges in general, needs new solutions to solve the mobility-related challenges, wishes to test and pilot new solutions? The HUPMOBILE project is looking for Follower Cities who will uptake the solutions and guidelines developed in the project and test them in their own context as well as give...

How “changing your way(s)” can lead to more sustainable mobility in BSR cities

29.10.2019 - 13:56
CMM Living Street Brainstorming
The sudden appearance of e-scooters, some cycling paths or other single mobility measures here and there will not increase the use of sustainable modes of mobility – at least not in a longer term. At the core of planning and implementing sustainable mobility activities, measures and strategies needs to be the goal to change behaviors, to communicate a bigger understanding why it is important to change your ways for health, safety, the climate – both physically as well as mentally. The cities....