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UBC Sustainable Cities Commission posting list (Newsletter and Sustainable Cities Bulletin).

Privacy Statement: Personal Data Act (523/99 FINLEX):
The objectives of the Act are to implement, in the processing of personal data, the protection of private life and the other basic rights which safeguard the right to privacy, as well as to promote the development of and compliance with good processing practice.

The register is hosted by the Secretariat of the Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission (address Vanha Suurtori 7, FIN-20500 TURKU, Finland). The contact person is IT-expert Kaj-Michael Lang.

The data of the register is based on the information provided by the subscribers. The personal details of the register are kept confidential. The subscribers have right to unsubscribe from the register. The data provider has the right to check the information that she/he has sent and to claim for incorrect information correction.

The UBC Sustainable Cities Commission´s Newsletter and Sustainable Cities Bulletin are published using Mailchimp. Hereby, the subscribers accepts the Terms of Use of the Mailchimp.

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