About Sustainable Cities Commission

The Union of the Baltic Cities is a network of 70 cities and municipalities in the Baltic Sea Region, founded in 1991 in Gdansk, Poland. UBC mobilizes the shared potential of its member cities for democratic, economic, social, cultural and environmentally sustainable development of BSR. With one of the UBC's directions being sustainable development and environmental protection, our Sustainable Cities Commission is working towards making member cities green, climate-positive and adapted to climate change effects.

This work has continued for over 25 years, and UBC cities are already increasingly recognized as global forerunners in climate-smart development creating a high-quality living environment for their inhabitants.

Together with our member cities, we build a more inclusive, result-oriented, and dynamic city network, where the success is based on smart, green, resource-efficient and sustainable economic and social development.

— Agnieszka Ilola, Acting Head of Secretariat

Baltic Sea House

UBC Sustainable Cities Commission is one of the 8 commissions of the Union of the Baltic Cities and it is hosted by the City of Turku, Finland.

The UBC Sustainable Cities Commission is responsible for:

The UBC Sustainable Cities Commission is coordinated by three co-chairpersons in close cooperation with the Head of the UBC Secretariat of Sustainable Cities Commission and the Advisory Board. In addition, the work of UBC Sustainable Cities Commission is dependent on the interest and need of UBC member cities to propose activities and take a role in our common cooperation.