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Date News item
15 November 2023 International Green Governance Conference in Tallinn
8 November 2023 Innovative collaborations accelerate Malmö's journey to climate neutrality
8 November 2023 Kemi – City of Snowman
8 November 2023 New sustainable energy solutions are being tested in Turku
8 November 2023 New projects on green mobility and climate neutrality
7 November 2023 UBC members demonstrating dedication and commitment to CDP disclosure
3 November 2023 Interview with MEP Nils Torvalds on updating the Wastewater Treatment Directive
2 November 2023 UBC General Conference in Palanga: support to Ukraine and climate actions
12 October 2023 Call for examples on green public procurement
11 October 2023 Strategic directions and concrete actions at the EUSBSR 14th Annual Forum
21 September 2023 Sustainable revitalisation of Turku areas
8 August 2023 Urban planning decisions to achieve climate neutrality in our cities
13 June 2023 Join the Urban Transitions Mission to facilitate your cities’ transition!
13 June 2023 Linnaniemi – Turku's first art district combines culture and sustainability
8 June 2023 Co-developing PFAS risk assessment plans in Riga
16 May 2023 Interreg BSR project BALTIPLAST is proceeding with efforts in single use plastic waste prevention
10 May 2023 Learning about PFAS from Sweden
20 April 2023 CDP launches the 2023 disclosure cycle!
12 April 2023 “We need to reach the finish line together” – the mayor of Espoo invites to join the climate cooperation
12 April 2023 Driving change: Cities’ journey to climate neutrality