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UBC ASKS Interview videos

What are the benefits of being in Union of the Baltic Cities ?

Important sustainable development topics, featuring Gdansk, Taurage, Klaipeda, Riga, Rostock

Supporting climate resilient cities and climate change risk factors in BSR region, interview summary

Interview with Dagmara Nagorka -Kmiezkiec, Gdansk

Interview with Dovydas Kaminskas – Mayor of Taurage

Interview with Elina Rantanen – UBC Vice President, City of Turku

Guntars Ruskuls - Head of the Board of Strategic Management Riga City

Irena Šakalienė - Head of City Management Division Klaipeda City Municipality, Lithuania

Kaspars Varpins, Chairman of the UBC Safe Cities Commission, Liepāja Municipal Police

Interview with Steffen Nozon – Mobility coordinator, Rostock