Expertise and services

In our Commission, we have cooperated with cities for over 25 years, supporting the development of clean, resilient and attractive urban environments. Secretariat of the Sustainable Cities Commission provides trainings and consultations for cities, and has extensive experience in developing and managing international projects.

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Project development

The portfolio of UBC Sustainable Cities Commission consists of many projects focusing on various aspects of sustainable development and environmental issues in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.

We are a trusted project partner in project management, communication, dissemination as well as trainings and event facilitation. We are working with several sustainability and environmental topics and with a wide variety of funding programmes. Our partners include cities and local operators, city networks, ministries, research institutes, consultancies and NGOs.

Towns and cities in the Baltic Sea Region benefit greatly from European projects in developing into more sustainable and liveable places. Another important factor is that projects allow active exchange of experiences among the peers from both European and neighbouring sides. Often, local authorities might be challenged with the lack of resources for both project development and their management and coordination. We offer support to the cities throughout the project lifecycle.

We have a motivated team highly experienced in:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Project financial management
  • Project communication

Depending on the topic in question, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission also has expertise and can contribute in content development.

Trainings and consultations

UBC Sustainable Cities Commission offers a variety of trainings and consultation services to cities based on its core topics. As the cities in the Baltic Sea Region often face the same challenges, our approach is strongly based on learning from others. Our methods include peer reviews and transfer of good practices. We are always happy to provide you with tailor-made services, contact our staff for more details!