Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission

Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission is one of the thematic Commissions of the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC). Union of the Baltic Cities is a voluntary, proactive network mobilizing the shared potential of its member cities for democratic, economic, social, cultural and environmentally sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region.

We at UBC Sustainable Cities Commission are responsible for the environmental and urban sustainability activities within UBC and we co-ordinate the UBC Sustainability Action Programme which is closely linked to the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. We operate via development projects, member city conferences and policy meetings. UBC Sustainable Cities Commission also co-ordinates the cooperation with CDP.


Jätkäsaari district.
12.06.2020 - 08:33

The UBC TALKS webinar organized with the HUPMOBILE project introduced the concept of Intelligent Transport Systems – ITS mini-pilots to be applied for the purposes of testing their policy-making potential. The key-note presentation provided an insight into the agile piloting programme in Helsinki, aiming at co-creating value services that fulfil the market references, utilize existing and form new networks, actively engage residents and result in future use cases.

Bicycle in Växjö
18.05.2020 - 11:20

Fotbroms: a word synonymous with bicycle culture in Sweden. It means “foot brake” and like strawberries to midsommar, fotbroms is a necessary component of the type of bike most commonly sold in the country: “grandma bike” or “city bike”.

Upcoming events

10.07.2020 - 12:30
European cities facing several challenges when it comes to their senior citizens. While this population group is growing, it is key to enable and empower them to move around the city independently and sustainably.This CIVITAS ECCENTRIC webinar brings you two experiences from different cities who have rolled out sustainable urban mobility projects that target the elderly and youth, that bring generations together, and that promote self-determined mobility and sustainability. Learn from Lea Wiser from Munich on how to combine sustainable mobility, climate protection and internet education for...
15.09.2020 (All day)
Join the global cycling summit from 15th through 18th of September 2020 and explore the theme "Smart Cycling Inclusion". This year the host of Velo-city Conference is Ljubljana, Slovenia. Velo-city conferences are widely considered as the premier international cycling conference series and serve as a global communications and information platform and target to influence decision makers, and improve the policies, planning and provision of infrastructure for cycling and the daily use of the bicycle in an urban environment. The conferences traditionally involve experts, representatives of...