Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission

Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission is one of the thematic Commissions of the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC). Union of the Baltic Cities is a voluntary, proactive network mobilizing the shared potential of its member cities for democratic, economic, social, cultural and environmentally sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region.

We at UBC Sustainable Cities Commission are responsible for the environmental and urban sustainability activities within UBC and we co-ordinate the UBC Sustainability Action Programme which is closely linked to the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. We operate via development projects, member city conferences and policy meetings. UBC Sustainable Cities Commission also co-ordinates the cooperation with CDP.


Mayor of City of Turku
06.10.2020 - 14:54

The Baltic Sea Day, launched by the John Nurminen Foundation, was celebrated by scores of people all around the Baltic Sea on 27 August 2020.

06.10.2020 - 14:27

The five European cities Turku, Stockholm, Munich, Madrid and Ruse, together with a variety of supporting partners, have implemented 51 measures and tested innovative sustainable mobility solutions in the living laboratory areas. To give some deeper insight to the project results and achievements, CIVITAS ECCENTRIC will end its project lifetime together with the CIVITAS sister projects DESTINATIONS and PORTIS during a 3 week event.

Upcoming events

29.10.2020 - 14:00
The concept of Mobility as a Service, MaaS, claims to offer a personal mobility package based on lifestyle needs and delivered through a single interface and subscription. The CIVITAS SATELLITE initiative brings you in this webinar examples of CIVITAS cities that have seen an opportunity on this trend and have worked on its implementation within their projects. ECCENTRIC partners have developed the MaaS readiness indicators to ensure that all possible aspects of the current situation are taken into consideration before the local environment is ready for MaaS.
24.11.2020 - 09:30
The UBC TALKS webinar in November will open up the theme "Ensuring water safety from hazardous substances". Wastewater and sewage sludge often contain various hazardous substances and pathogens hampering utilization of the valuable components contained by wastewater and sludge, as well as creating a negative impression of the products based on the recycled components. How are hazardous substances approached on the regional level? We will talk about ways to improve addressing hazardous substances in the wastewater treament process, how to tackle industrial discharges into the municipal...