How to be active

Sustainable Cities Commission offers a variety of tools to boost learning exchange and enable you with materials and measures to share knowledge and experiences in sustainability with other cities in the region. We invite our member cities to follow and use our communication channels to spread local news and best practices further in the region.

Our communication channels include this website, regular targeted newsletters and several social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Our member cities are always encouraged to reach out to us for any network-related support! In addition to communication channels, we also offer several ways of event-based networking. Choose the one that suits your needs!

Host an event with our support

We want to engage our member cities in new ways of meeting and cooperating. With our extensive experience in organizing different events throughout the years, we want to support you in tailoring the meeting format to do what you really want and need.

  • Improve your city | Thematic meeting
  • Showcase your city | Study visit
  • Influence the Baltic Sea Region | Networking meeting

We are publishing the calls for interest in hosting such events starting from 2020 onwards.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the calls have been postponed for March 2020 – March 2022. We will publish the next call when the situation will stabilise and allow safe travels around the Baltic Sea Region.

UBC TALKS Webinar series

Nothing better than a webinar when you want an expert opinion! Would you like to share project results, introduce a campaign or initiative or any other activity related to sustainability topics in your city? Or, perhaps, you have a specific topic in mind, for which you would need some transnational input? Webinars are an easy and low-emission tool to connect with other member cities.

In the UBC TALKS series, started in 2020, our Commission takes care of the technical support and moderation, in cooperation with you. We can also help with inviting other speakers and promoting the webinar in our network and beyond. The UBC TALKS series takes place on Tuesdays at 09:30–11:00 CET, and is organised 4 times a year.

Previous UBC TALKS webinars

Contact our communications coordinator to discuss this further!

Sustainable Cities Bulletin and newsletters

Our subscribers receive regular newsletters with relevant announcements, invitations and news from our Secretariat, as well as the Sustainable Cities Bulletin.

We publish our Bulletin 3–4 times a year to disseminate good experiences and sustainability-related news from our member cities and projects among our network. Our member cities are always welcome to contribute to it with own articles, and a designated call for stories is sent out 1–2 times a year. Can’t wait to read about your city!

Previous issues of the Sustainable Cities Bulletin

If you are interested in contributing to the next issues of the Sustainable Cities Bulletin, please contact our communications coordinator.