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30 October 2019 LIFE SURE – Sediment Uptake and Remediation on Ecological basis
30 October 2019 The cleanest European Championship in athletics was held in Gävle 2019!
30 October 2019 Students of Cēsis help tackle climate change
29 October 2019 Back to the Future – CIVITAS Forum 2019 in Graz
29 October 2019 CASCADE discussed Climate Change Risks with municipalities during the XV UBC General Conference in Kaunas
29 October 2019 SUMPs-Up upcoming webinars for the mobility practitioners
29 October 2019 New era of SUMPs: The 2nd edition of SUMP guidelines has been published!
29 October 2019 HUPMOBILE is looking for Follower Cities!
29 October 2019 How “changing your way(s)” can lead to more sustainable mobility in BSR cities
29 October 2019 UBC – CDP report 2019 published: UBC cities’ adaptation actions to extreme weather events
14 October 2019 SUMP guidelines 2nd edition - new era of SUMPs!
24 June 2019 Lahti - the European Green Capital 2021!
19 June 2019 International environmental campaign "Clean Beach" in St. Petersburg
19 June 2019 UBC member cities actively learning and exchanging to (further) develop their SUMPs!
19 June 2019 Karlskrona has an “energ(y)iraffe” – charging e-vehicles with renewable energy
19 June 2019 UBC Sustainable Cities Commission at the 10th EUSBSR Annual Forum
17 June 2019 HUPMOBILE project kicked-off: Baltic Sea port cities start exploring and testing smart urban mobility solutions
14 June 2019 Draft Revised SUMP Guidelines now available to review!
3 June 2019 CIVITAS ECCENTRIC get-together at Urban Future Global Conference in Oslo
31 May 2019 The Oslo region’s achievements in sustainable urban development – from climate budgeting to energy positive buildings