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Date News item
13 February 2020 Three UBC cities active in NonHazCity – minimizing emissions of hazardous substances from urban areas in the Baltic Sea Region since 2016
12 February 2020 CASCADE about to publish it's mid-term review
12 February 2020 The city of Tartu involves 8th graders in mobility project management
11 February 2020 Växjö seeks to meet societal challenges and the SDGs with digital innovation
11 February 2020 Turku and Helsinki take part in the Baltic Sea Challenge - what about your city?
11 February 2020 Linköping will be the first to develop a city wide MaaS-operation
11 February 2020 Kemi - the first Finnish mainland municipality to achieve an environmental certificate!
11 February 2020 Call for interest: Host a UBC SCC event in your city!
11 February 2020 Pilot Mobility Management Campaign in Local Schools in Karlskrona
11 February 2020 Turning potato peels to biogas – Jyväskylä now powered by the circular economy
11 February 2020 Biochar based filtration improves city storm water quality in Helsinki
30 January 2020 Sustainable stormwater management: addressing the challenges
22 January 2020 5 tips for organizing a perfect event
13 January 2020 CDP invites cities to join City-Business Climate Alliance
10 January 2020 Marine litter campaigns in Baltic cities 2020
8 January 2020 First HUPMOBILE webinar invited BSR cities to join project activities
30 October 2019 Raising public awareness in St. Petersburg for sustainable development
30 October 2019 Tamarinden
30 October 2019 Social Kitchen in Kemi - tackling food waste
30 October 2019 UBC Sustainable Cities Commission at the UBC XV General Conference in Kaunas, Lithuania