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Date News item
16 September 2020 All BSR countries' EUCF webinars now available in local language
2 September 2020 Sustainable Cities Commission Advisory Board members Steffen Nozon and Guntars Ruskuls speaking at the BSR Mobility Summit 2020
5 August 2020 Save the date! BSR Mobillity Summit 2020
12 June 2020 HUPMOBILE leads discussion on Intelligent Transport Solutions piloting
18 May 2020 The bicycle library broadens bicycle culture in Växjö
15 May 2020 Rostock starts creating a cycle highway network
15 May 2020 Rostock goes multimodal
15 May 2020 Sustainable urban mobility in Klaipėda
14 May 2020 Upper secondary school students in Turku challenge everyone to eat the Baltic Sea clean
14 May 2020 The Linköping Initiative – where businesses and public organizations battle climate change together
14 May 2020 How can we eat a park? – Urban farming in Kemi
14 May 2020 Successful water protection measures of the cities of Helsinki and Turku
14 May 2020 Better control of industrial sewage in the Baltic Sea Region – led by Helsinki
14 May 2020 Returnable cup deposit system introduced in Greifswald
14 May 2020 Greifswald launched the first free cargo bike system
14 May 2020 All SUMPs Up for sustainable mobility in European cities! – Final event of the SUMPs-Up project
14 May 2020 ECCENTRIC brings the “hot topics” of sustainable mobility to your desk!
14 May 2020 Always look on the virtual side of life – cities.multimodal converged online
14 May 2020 Nutrient recycling from wastewater: developing regional strategy
14 May 2020 UBC Cities in the forefront of climate action