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31 May 2021 Kiel on its way to become a Zero.Waste.City
31 May 2021 Green and sustainable Kemi - now for Companies
31 May 2021 Join the Q&A Live to ask about CDP cooperation and disclosure 2021!
31 May 2021 HUPMOBILE project encourages UBC cities to give feedback!
28 May 2021 Likable solutions for sponge cities
24 May 2021 Feasibility Study on last mile solutions' - read the latest HUPMOBILE report
29 April 2021 Plastics and the hidden threat to your health
1 April 2021 UBC TALKS discussed the cascading consequences of climate hazards and how to make cities more resilient
29 March 2021 CDP Spring Webinars kick off in April
9 March 2021 Circular Economy in Gdansk: latest services and implemented projects
8 March 2021 EUCF’s second call for proposals is announced — get ready to apply!
18 February 2021 Pathways to remove hazardous substances from wastewater
11 February 2021 Interview with Risto Veivo, the new Climate Director in Turku
10 February 2021 Valmiera – a new member of Sustainable Cities Commission
10 February 2021 Växjö a frontrunner towards climate neutrality
10 February 2021 cities.multimodal webinars to change your way(s)
10 February 2021 Multimodal Baltic Sea Region cities – learn a lesson from our 10 partner cities
10 February 2021 Turku as a pioneer in smart mobility
10 February 2021 Kiel is the Winner of the German Sustainability Award 2021
9 February 2021 The climate path leads towards concrete emissions reductions and climate actions in Turku