BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Örebro

BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Örebro

2 June 2021
Design of the BRT system in Örebro
2 November 2021

Örebro is growing with more than a thousand people every year. The forecast says that in 20 years, we will be 50,000 more inhabitants in Örebro municipality.

If we continue to travel as we do today, as half of all trips made in Örebro are car journeys, the number of trips by car increases by about 35%. With such an increase, the existing space in our street and traffic system is not enough. We need to stop this development with more vehicles and focus on a efficient solution for how people will be able to transport themselves through the city in the future.

Historically, Örebro municipality has had a weak development of public transport travel, which has increased with population growth but not in market share.

BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) is a public traffic system which has a higher capacity, efficiency and reliability than a conventional bus system and can thus lead to the necessary conversion. By investing in BRT in Örebro, we can reduce future congestion, queue problems and poor air as a result of additional vehicle traffic.

If we manage to slow down an increase in the number of vehicles in Örebro, it will in turn reduce the city's CO2 emissions and the climate impact. It will give a cleaner and a more pleasant environment.

BRT is a part of a climate neutral public transport where buses will be driven by electricity or other environmental friendly fuel such as our food waste. BRT is a system consisting of several components that together enable a high frequency and reduced travel time, factors that are crucial to getting more people to travel collectively.

BRT in Örebro has its own bus lanes on some parts of the route, priority in traffic signal, adapted stops and specially designed buses for quick and easy boarding and ticket handling.

The goal of this investment is to create good conditions for simplified and improved travel, for residents of Örebro and within the region, in the future.