22 UBC cities continued disclosure to CDP in 2021

22 UBC cities continued disclosure to CDP in 2021

29 September 2021
8 November 2021

There were 22 UBC cities who disclosed their environmental data via CDP during the disclosure period 6.4. – 29.7.2021. The numbers have stayed stable despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 for the municipalities in the Baltic Sea Region.

During the disclosure period, the following cities had disclosed their environmental data and good practices to the CDP-ICLEI Unified Reporting System: Aarhus (Denmark), Tallinn* (Estonia), Espoo (Finland), Turku (Finland), Helsinki (Finland), Porvoo (Finland), Kemi (Finland), Lahti (Finland), Rostock (Germany), Riga (Latvia), Taurage (Lithuania), Panevezys (Lithuania), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Bergen (Norway), Arendal (Norway), Gdynia (Poland), Umeå (Sweden), Malmö (Sweden), Trelleborg (Sweden), Söderhamn (Sweden), Linköping (Sweden), Växjö (Sweden). 

The vast majority of these cities are showing determination in continuous CDP disclosure as the benefits of this can only be seen when data collection and reporting is done long-term. We would like to remind all the UBC cities who have did not manage to submit their responses before the deadline - you will have time to submit until the end of the year, but your city will not be receiving a CDP score for your disclosure process - only the cities who have disclosed by the deadline will get a score. But getting a score is not the only goal in the disclosure process, thus, if your city has strategic use for the disclosure and benchmarking, we recommend you to still submit your repsonses to the CDP-ICLEI Unified Reporting System.

What was done during the campaign?

This year’s campaign aiming to encourage the UBC cities to disclose to CDP was mainly conducted on social media, where CDP-related social media posts were made. The aim of the social media campaign was to get additional awareness to CDP cooperation as well as highlight these UBC cities who have disclosed examples of their good practices through the CDP-ICLEI Unified Reporting System during the previous disclosure period.

In addition to the awareness raising, UBC cities received an invitation accompanied by an information package, containing guidelines on how to kickstart disclosure in your city, furthermore they received information in the UBC newsletters and invitations. In June, a Q&A Session was organized, to allow UBC cities to ask their most burning questions from Mr. Étienne Metáis, CDP Engagement Manager for Europe – there were a couple of cities online during the event and the recording was made available for everyone after the session.

A UBC report on 2021 results is underway

The data analysis process has already started and the final report (if all goes as planned) will be published on UBC Sustainable Cities Commission’s website later in the autumn. Therefore, the results of this year's campaign including the good practices from our discloing cities, will be shared in the format of the report. 

*Tallinn disclosed privately, thus, their data will not be utilised in the making of the report of 2021.