CDP Response Check applications to be submitted before 25 June!

CDP Response Check applications to be submitted before 25 June!

16 June 2021
8 October 2021

CDP is offering the cities an opportunity to check their responses and get feedback before the final submission.

In order to get feedback, please contact before 25 June 2021. The deadline is in place to ensure CDP has enough time to go through your responses and give feedback as well as for you to have enough time to make changes before the deadline of 29th of June. 

CDP Q&A Live Session answered some of the key questions our cities have

The Q&A Live was a new format for collaboration and sharing information between the UBC member cities and CDP. The first session went well and if you missed the Live, you will have the possibility to rewatch the session. 


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In order to reach one of the key objectives of the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) work which is helping to turn the Baltic cities into climate-smart global leaders, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between CDP and UBC in November 2016. UBC Sustainable Cities Commission has been coordinating the cooperation with CDP ever since.

CDP is interested in the climate leadership that is found in the Baltic region, wishes to gain new insights and to expand the coverage of their reporting system and UBC, on the other hand, has an extensive network of cities looking to take action against climate change. As a result of their co-operation, both organisations, therefore, stand to gain, making it possible to achieve results that they could not achieve on their own.

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