CDP launches the 2023 disclosure cycle!

CDP launches the 2023 disclosure cycle!

20 April 2023
The bird eye view on City of Jyvaskyla
14 June 2023

The CDP-ICLEI Track platform for 2023 is now open, allowing your city to disclose your climate and environmental data.

The CDP-ICLEI Track for 2023 is now open, providing an opportunity for cities to disclose climate and environmental data. This year, once again, local authorities around the world are invited to participate and report their progress towards achieving sustainability goals between April and 25 July. The CDP provides a platform for local authorities to showcase their commitment to reducing their environmental impact and enables them to benchmark their progress against their peers. Transparency and accountability are crucial in the fight against climate change, and the CDP offers a great tool for local authorities to share their data and drive the change.

All UBC member cities have received an email inviting local authorities to disclose their climate-related data, if you have any issues with your access to the platform, please contact cities.europe@cdp.netIf you submitted a response previously, your data for unchanged questions would be pre-populated for 2023 (except for any attached documents which you will need to re-attach). The following guidance materials are provided by CDP to assist you in completing the questionnaire; Platform User Guide, Questionnaire reporting guidance and short video tutorials. Make sure to check the upcoming CDP webinars and the webinar recordings.

As UBC member city opting to disclose through CDP you would get the following benefits:

  • Report just once for all your commitments: CDP-ICLEI Track is the one-stop shop for environmental reporting, allowing your local government to participate in several global and regional projects and initiatives such as ICLEI's GreenClimateCities Program, EcoMobility, EcoLogistics, ICLEI Circulars and 100% Renewable Energy, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, WWF’s One Planet City Challenge, NetZeroCities and many more.
  • Join the Races: CDP-ICLEI Track is the progress tracker for the UNFCCC’s Race to Zero and Race to Resilience campaigns. Annual public reporting is a requirement of both campaigns. You can report your progress against your Race to Zero and Race to Resilience pledges by completing the 2023 Cities Questionnaire.
  • Get comprehensive support to guide and improve your climate actions: If you report by 25 July, you will receive a CDP score and guidance on steps to improve your climate actions. Please note that your score is private to your local government except for the highest scoring participants, which CDP will publicly recognize on our A List. ICLEI will provide recommendations and support to its network on reported data over the course of the year.
  • Receive science-based climate target support: CDP is actively supporting cities and local governments to set, check and disclose science-based climate targets according to the methodology developed by the Science-Based Target Network. To access this support, report your current or updated target to CDP-ICLEI Track. We encourage you to watch a short video on science-based targets for cities and local governments or contact team directly for support:
  • Attract finance: The 2023 CDP-ICLEI Cities Questionnaire is aligned with the global standard of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. Reporting publicly through CDP-ICLEI Track can help you meet financial disclosure responsibilities and attract climate finance.
  • Identify data gaps and benchmark progress: All public Cities data is shared on the Open Data Portal enabling you to view the actions of other local governments and benchmark your progress over time against your peers.
  • Get a badge to showcase your climate action: Each UBC member city reporting through CDP would receive a discloser badge and each A-list city would receive an A-list city badge which would be displayed on their respective city page on the UBC SCC webpage. The badges would also be made available for the use of the cities.

If you have any questions about reporting or CDP scores, please do not hesitate to contact or