UBC members demonstrating dedication and commitment to CDP disclosure

UBC members demonstrating dedication and commitment to CDP disclosure

7 November 2023
The green field in the dawn
3 April 2024

The 2023 CDP disclosure period has marked a continued commitment to environmental transparency within the Union of the Baltic Cities. 14 cities stepped forward to publicly disclose their environmental data. This year has welcomed also a newcomer – the City of Elva from Estonia, among other consistently disclosing cities – Aarhus from Denmark, Tallinn from Estonia, Lahti and Turku from Finland, Greifswald from Germany, Riga from Latvia, Klaipeda from Lithuania, Arendal from Norway and Malmö, Söderhamn, Trelleborg, Umeå and Växjö from Sweden. Consistent dedication to the disclosure process is a foundation of the joint efforts of UBC cities against climate change.

Reporting cities have stood out not only for their commitment but also for their notable and ambitious targets of curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This has positioned them among the most ambitious European cities.

Among the reporting cities, the majority have pledged their most ambitious emission reduction target year before the European Union's target year of 2050. This ambitious commitment indicates the proactive measures being taken by these cities to combat climate change.

More systematic trends and highlights will be available in the UBC-CDP report coming out at the start of next year, incorporated into the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission Annual report 2023!

While the current CDP disclosure period draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to remind all members about the importance of disclosing environmental data. Even though the deadline for 2023 CDP has already passed, the disclosure platform remains open for those who would prefer to submit their data for this year. Despite the time frame we would still like to encourage the cities and, in cooperation with CDP Europe, offer our member cities individual assistance and one-on-one calls with experts from CDP Europe providing guidance in preparation for the upcoming disclosure period.

Kickstarting the disclosure process already this year can significantly ease the efforts required during the upcoming disclosure cycle. The data provided would be copied to the next period disclosure and might be edited at the discretion of the discloser. Contributions of UBC cities toward environmental data disclosure are crucial in fostering sustainability and driving positive change in the Baltic Sea Region.

If you would like to learn more about the disclosure or book a one-on-one call to discuss the benefits and possibilities of disclosing for your city, don't hesitate to get in touch with cities.europe@cdp.net.