Interreg BSR project BALTIPLAST is proceeding with efforts in single use plastic waste prevention

Interreg BSR project BALTIPLAST is proceeding with efforts in single use plastic waste prevention

16 May 2023
BALTIPLAST project consortium
14 June 2023

The first general assembly of the BALTIPLAST project took place on 10-11 May in the picturesque city of Västerås, Sweden, bringing together 18 partner organizations dedicated to addressing the challenges of single-use plastic waste. Spanning for two productive days, the meeting fostered collaboration and laid the foundation for future endeavours in plastic waste management.

The event commenced with a warm welcome extended by the hosting partner the city of Västerås, with their representatives delivering opening remarks that set the tone for the assembly. The lead partner of the project HAW presented the project work plan and shed the light on the project's communication and dissemination targets and strategies. This comprehensive overview provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the project goals.

One of the concrete tools to apply to measure the plastic waste was introduced during the meeting by partners from Plastic free city KuBuS eV. It is a pivotal, comprehensive tool that will serve as the foundation for cataloguing, quantifying and comprehending plastic waste and monitoring its reduction in future. The main message of the presentation is:

“You can only avoid what you're aware of. Together, we make plastics visible, measurable, and avoidable.“

This inventory tool will play a crucial role in assessing the scale of the problem and formulating effective strategies.

Presentations were succeeded by three parallel workshop sessions, which focused on soft measures for single-use plastic waste management in municipalities, schools, and businesses. These interactive sessions provided a platform for stakeholders to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and discuss innovative approaches to tackle the challenges at hand.

BALTIPLAST project workshop

Representatives of HAW and UBC SCC have presented their work in establishing and discussing the development of comprehensive learning materials and the platform to share experiences and knowledge with possible replicators in the region.

The second day of the meeting has been concluded with a site visit to the waste management plant of the Västerås municipal energy company – Mälarenergi, where visitors have been introduced to the processes of waste sorting, their incineration for the production of heat and electricity, and management of the by-products.

The general assembly of the BALTIPLAST project proved to be a significant milestone, showcasing the commitment and collective efforts of the 18 partner organizations involved. By bringing together diverse perspectives, sharing best practices, and fostering collaboration, the assembly has set the stage for a sustainable approach to developing solutions for single-use plastic waste management in the Baltic Sea region. With a shared vision the partners are devoted to making a lasting impact on the management of plastic waste in the region and contributing to a greener, cleaner future.