Linnaniemi – Turku's first art district combines culture and sustainability

Linnaniemi – Turku's first art district combines culture and sustainability

Design of the new area in Turku

The Linnaniemi area, around Turku Castle and the harbour, will undergo major changes in the coming decades as the shipping companies move to a new joint terminal. The former passenger port will open for new developments, which include services and housing areas that bring vitality to the area. New parks and plazas will create an enjoyable maritime atmosphere and connect Linnanniemi to the riverside. The historically and culturally important area was named as the first art district of Turku.

Just recently, the Turku City Board approved the art programme, which was developed to create a framework for art projects and to define themes for art. The board also decided to start an architectural competition for the Museum of History and the Future on Linnanniemi, which should be finalized by the city’s 800th birthday in 2029. Investing in culture is part of sustainable urban development in Turku: culture contributes to creating a vibrant, active and livable city. Culture also has positive effects on wellbeing, as pleasant environments encourage to walk around the city and enjoying the urban spaces.

Thematically the permanent and temporary artworks of Linnanniemi will be based on the sea – especially the archipelago and the Baltic Sea, internationality, cultural history of Linnanniemi, environmental and ecology – all these will be highlighted by art in the area. The aim is to incorporate art into different projects and connect different actors in the area and beyond.

Design plan of Linnanniemi area in Turku with three houses, immediate water access and trees

The winning proposal “Kolme palaa” [Three Pieces of Turku] by the Lithuanian-Finnish team After Party, in the City of Turku -organised International Idea Competition for the Linnanniemi area.

The area will develop step-by step in an open and transparent process, art can be a way to involve people through events and happenings to make sure that citizens adopt the area as their own. Light and movable art structures, such as specially designed concrete barriers, will be brought to the area. Structures that would otherwise do for demolition can be left for the creative self-expression of people and artist. Places for more permanent artworks are outlined in the art program, concentrating especially in meeting places, arrival nodes and in significant walking and biking routes. The goal is that one can immediately notice that they have arrived into an art district.

Linnanniemi is already home to museums, Turku Castle and maritime museum Forum Marinum, and hosts different events. The Turku Castle, Formun Marinum, the Port of Turku and other actors of Linnanniemi welcome to the developing art district!


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