Urban planning decisions to achieve climate neutrality in our cities

Urban planning decisions to achieve climate neutrality in our cities

8 August 2023
View on the green district
17 August 2023

The UBC Planning and Sustainable Cities Commissions, together with the City of Turku, will held a joint seminar “Revitalizing urban space connected to the Sea” in Turku , Finland , on September 13th-15th, 2023.

Turku – the oldest city in Finland – is working toward climate neutrality in 2029 when it will celebrate its 800th anniversary. It is an ambitious roadmap which calls for a comprehensive strategy, including, among others, revitalization of urban spaces.

But what does that mean in practice for us – architects, urban planners, engineers, experts on climate change, transport and water management, engaged in sustainable urban development?

Each of us has got some experiences from our everyday work for our cities. As the major part of the Seminar are workshops, there will be a great opportunity to exchange them and openly discuss in particular, the steps we take and the decisions we make in terms of urban planning, to achieve climate neutrality in our cities.

The first and the second workshop areas are connected to the maritime vision of western Turku, that is just being created, so this is a chance to make a real contribution to that. First workshop area ARTUKAINEN covers, among others Turkuhalli multi-functional indoor arena, Turku Fair Center and large workplace buildings and extensive parking areas, the sport centre is planned there. By choosing this area, you will have an opportunity to propose some combination of sport and recreation activities with good quality services and possible housing as well as an improvement of the area’s accessibility and greenery.

The second workshop area THE INDUSTRIAL WATERFRONT BETWEEN PANSIONTIE AND POHJOISSALMI is the part of waterfront of Turku and the city developing the Maritime Vision 2050 needs ideas for new development of the port area.

The third workshop area is the sequence of public spaces on the WESTERN RIVERSIDE (LÄNTINEN RANTAKATU): VEISTÄMÖNAUKIO AND VARVINTORI, ARCHIPELAGO BOAT HARBOUR, BORENAUKIO that needs some intervention in order to be made functional, usable, pedestrian friendly with reduced parking and noise impact.

By attending the Seminar, you may have a real impact on creating the Maritime Vision of Turku and transforming Turku into a climate-neutral city.

To better prepare for the seminar workshops, learn more about the Commissions’ in-person meeting in Turku in September and look into the local approaches to the holistic revitalisation of urban waterfronts in Turku and in Gdynia, social sustainability as structural pillar for urban development in Umeå and Street Design Manual in Riga, discussed during the UBC TALKS webinar, held on May 30th, 2023. The recording of that event is still available on the UBC SCC website.

Please do not wait and plan your trip now.

Looking forward to meeting you in Turku!