We assist local authorities in the Baltic Sea Region in initiating, applying and managing projects on different sustainability topics. The themes and actions are tailor-made based on the needs of the project partners from local authorities to assist the ongoing processes towards sustainable development. More information can be found on projects description pages below.

WE Choose a Life
Youth against HIV/AIDS 2008-2010

Mobilizing youth commitment to combat rapidly growing HIV/AIDS epidemic in Russia.

Integrated Management System for Russian cities

MATRUSCHKA aimed at strengthening the capacity of local authorities and developing their city planning process. It contributed to the development of a solid foundation within local authorities upon which long-term planning decisions could be made to support sustainable development. Both EU and Russian cities either initiated or further elaborated their Integrated Management Systems around a chosen theme.

Integrated Solutions for the Sustainability Management in Baltic Cities

Establishing of Sustainable Management Centers and models for increasing cross-sectorial policy integration and efficiency of local authorities.

Towards Sustainable Urban Transport

The project provided guidelines, practical solutions and tools for European cities and municipalities to make Sustainable Urban Transport Plans.

New Hansa of Sustainable Ports and Cities
New Hansa of Sustainable Ports and Cities

A project of 18 ports, cities and other partners aiming for ecologically, socially and economically sustainable ports in the Baltic Sea region.

Baltic University Urban Forum

A network of cities and universities supporting and implementing sustainable strategies and promoting education and research on sustainability issues.

Peer Reviews for Cities

Developing and extending the use of Eco-Management and Audit Schemes in local authorities by peer reviewing, which encourages cities to cooperate.

Integrated Urban Governance and Air Quality Management in Europe

Bringing together city authorities and academics and researchers in order to improve the quality of air in Europe.

Transferring Best Environmental Solutions between Towns and Cities

Disseminating and promoting municipal good practices in the fields of Bio-diversity, Energy, Environmental issues,l Health, Air, and Information & Education.

European Common Indicators

Dissemination and translation of the European Common Indicators for urban sustainable development in twelve Central and Eastern European languages.

Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Co-operation

 Bringing together East African authorities over national borders in order to promote sustainable development in the area.

Success Factors in Local Environmental Policy for Local Agenda 21 and EU Enlargement in the Baltic Sea Region

The SUFA project supported Local Agenda 21 work and local environmental policy and EU approximation in the Baltic Sea Region.