Local Climate Change Response


CHAMP aimed at training local authorities in four European countries (Finland, Italy, Germany, and Hungary) to use integrated management in their local climate work. Extensive training materials for local authorities, trainers and auditors were developed and tested during the project.

In June 2011 a European Partnership for Integrated Sustainability Management to continue similar trainings in EU-27 was launched. Since then, we have got new members from BSR in Poland (Sendzimir Foundation).


  • trainings for local authorities, trainers and auditors were developed and held
  • a European partnership for Integrated Sustainability Management was launched in June 2011


58 cities in four European countries were trained during the project lifetime. The European partnership ensures, that the CHAMP methodology is further used within the partnership.



LIFE+ Programme 2007-2013

Lessons learned

The integration of all climate relevant activities in a city administration is a crucial task for cities to be able to meet the challenges of climate change. Capacity building and new ways of working are needed to face this challenge as well as exchange of experiences between cities.