BUSTRIP - Towards Sustainable Urban Transport


The BUSTRIP project provided BSR cities with tools for delivering Sustainable Urban Transport, reducing congestion, improving the quality of life and decreasing the environmental impacts of transport. It aimed at breaking the link between growth in economic production and the consequent growth in transport. The overall goal was that partner cities would develop new or revise their old SUTPs and this way improve the state of the urban environment, reduce urban sprawl, traffic and pollution. BUSTRIP helped by assisting the partner cities in the evaluation of their transport planning and building capacities for making SUTPs. The main working method was peer reviewing. BUSTRIP was part of the UBC Agenda 21 Action Programme 2004-2009 — Roadmap for Sustainable Baltic Cities.


The project generated 12 Sustainable Urban Transport Plans, 12 implemented pilot actions, 12 cities with greater capacity to meet the challenges in urban transport, 1 Peer Review method guidance CD and 1 guidebook called ”Moving Sustainably - a guide to Sustainable Urban Transport Plans” in eight BSR languages.


Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) within the BSR INTERREG III B Neighbourhood Programme and by the Finnish Ministry of Environment