NEAT 2.0 - New Environmental Awareness Tools

Project description

The website of the Committee of Nature use, Environment Protection and Ecological Safety of the City of St Petersburg was launched in December 2009 as a new service for citizens. The NEAT –project was further developing it with new attractive elements and increasing the use of the portal by adding new levels of communication with citizens. During the project, the different channels of communication were analyzed and incorporated with the launched website. Use of social media was tested as a new approach of passing information to the targeted audiences.


Tested the use of social media:

  • Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, etc.,, ICQ, wikis and opinion sites, photo and video sharing.
  • improved the use of website portal through thorough visitor analyses.

Organized following competitions:

  • Baltic sea inspired Comics competition
  • Baltic sea inspired Game competition in Finnish.


Social Media results: Blog

Since then the UBC EnvCom has had a blog in use and is also active on Facebook and Twitter.

International Comic Competition winners

More than 200 comics where submitted by Finnish and Russian school students for the competition. On February 3, 2011 the international jury made its decision.

  • The 1 prize was awarded to the comic by Olga Ostapenko, school #466.
  • The 2nd prize was awarded to the comic by Karolina Nieminen, Kaarina High school.
  • The 3rd prize was awarded to the comic by Polina Frolova, Centre for environmental education of Kirovsky district, lyceum #389

Finnish Comic Competition winners

  • The 1st place was awarded to the comic by Karolina Nieminen, Kaarina High school.
  • The 2nd place, Janina Nummela, Kaarina High school
  • The 3rd place, Ilona Haavisto, Yläneen yhtenäiskoulu


Finnish Ministry of Environment, project partners

Lessons learned

How competitions for young people are organized and how to use of social media and other new ways to spread information.