BSR InnoShip - BSR InnoShip

Project description

BSR InnoShip addressed the common challenge of the Baltic Sea countries and the key maritime stakeholders in cooperating to minimize ship-based air pollution, while aiming at optimizing competitiveness of the maritime industry. The project promoted new and innovative transnational approaches to mitigate the different needs and interests of the maritime sector and to ensure a level playing field for more sustainable and economically viable management of the Baltic Sea resources. The project provided the needed knowledge and best practices for policy- and decision-makers in the development and joint implementation of national and transnational policies, strategies and concrete measures to implement the international low emission requirements.


  • Seminars and workshops for exchange and dissemination of the accumulated experiences, knowledge and lessons learnt in the project activities on emissions and their effects, low emission solutions and cost efficiency assessments
  • Two joint international seminars on clean shipping were organized together with Baltic Sea Challenge, BPO and HELCOM


  • Manual of best practices
  • Clean Shipping Currents: a platform for dissemination of scientific publications
  • Feasibility studies
  • Emission concentration maps
  • Economic analysis of clean shipping
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • The Baltic Sea Clean Maritime Award