PARTNER SEARCH: Energy transition and the involvement of schools

PARTNER SEARCH: Energy transition and the involvement of schools

22 March 2024
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3 April 2024

A consulting company based in Germany - aconium GmbH is developing a project idea focusing on energy transition and the involvement of schools. They look for municipalities interested in joining the project!

Project idea

The Flip-EC project will develop a comprehensive collection of methods to increase energy efficiency of school buildings. We have identified the challenge that there is often a gap between local authorities who are responsible for school buildings and the actors within schools, such as teachers, school management, pupils, and technical staff. Even though numerous didactic materials on energy efficiency are available and there are highly motivated schools who organise energy-saving weeks, the topic has yet to be firmly established and rooted in the school ecosystem. These one-off activities at individual schools can be much better aligned with the major decisions which are taken at the school authority level (e.g. renovation or technical updates to the buildings). We aim at bringing these two worlds together so that necessary refurbishment measures can be carried out with appropriate participation processes and didactic support. To achieve this goal, we will develop information and training measures, as well as workshop materials for administrative staff at school authorities and schools. 

We are currently looking for municipalities from BSR countries who are interest to tackle the challenge of low energy-efficiency in school buildings with a participatory concept. Concretely, we are planning:

  • to compile an overview of activities and energy-related data concerning the energy efficiency of school buildings including best-practices from the BSR countries and a decision-making roadmap
  • to develop a workshop/participation format, which public authorities can use in the process of increasing the energy efficiency of school buildings 
  • create didactic material for schools (directors, teachers, pupils, technical staff) to accompany measures taken by the public authority


Johanna Varanasi,