HUPMOBILE - Holistic Urban and Peri-urban Mobility

HUPMOBILE – Holistic urban and peri-urban mobility project aimed to provide a holistic approach to sustainable mobility solutions in cities and their perimeters in Baltic Sea port cities.

Project description

HUPMOBILE’s objective is to provide a holistic approach to the planning, implementation, optimisation and management of integrated, sustainable mobility solutions – both in urban areas as well as in their perimeters. Mobility in this context includes both people and goods (i.e. freight, cargo logistics). 

Major urban mobility stakeholders such as city authorities, as well as infrastructure providers and transport providers, will be enabled to assess and integrate innovative mobility options into their mobility management plans and policies. These plans and policies will be aimed at supporting the transition from private car-based mobility to more sustainable mobility. HUPMOBILE framework will allow the planning and implementation of well-functioning interfaces and links in urban- and peri-urban transport by taking into account the different transportation flows in the local context.

City authorities, infrastructure operators and transport providers were enabled to assess and integrate innovative mobility options into their mobility management plans and policies, e.g. concerning: 

  • Sproduction and urban logistics
  • The use of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions
  • Multimodality in urban transport and travel-to-work
  • New operating models for public-private mobility services 
  • Logistics flows in and around ports 
  • Co-creation of mobility services and urban planning with resident.

Project Leader: Aalto University
Time span: 2019-2021

Project partners:

  • City of Tallinn
  • City of Turku 
  • Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (District of Altona)
  • City of Riga 
  • ITL Digital Lab 
  • Royal Institute of Technology
  • UBC Sustainable Cities Commission


Concrete piloting activities

Uptake workshops/webinars 



HUPMOBILE framework contributes to a sustainable change of planning processes concerning urban mobility. It is an online versatile framework that encompasses access to all the other tools produced within the scope of the HUPMOBILE project. The framework is guided by the starting survey that allows the involved stakeholder to interact with the tools.

The framework includes the following tools which might be accessed through respective links:


Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020