UBC TALKS about holistic solutions to mobility in port areas

UBC TALKS about holistic solutions to mobility in port areas

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Port and ferry terminal areas can sometimes overlap with urban centres and create tensions in the movement of residents. How to plan safe and sustainable integration of the industrial areas into the lively urban spaces and take the best from holistic and sustainable mobility solutions?

Cities of Hamburg, Riga, Turku, and Tallinn have teamed up with Aalto University (FI) and Royal Institute of Technology (SE) to develop and test innovative solutions to identify, assess, test, involve residents and tackle the manifold challenges. They are ready to share their practices – and will demonstrate the benefits and lessons learned from the tested solutions at the UBC TALKS webinar about holistic solutions to mobility in port areas on 22 February 2022 at 9.30-11.00 CET.

  • Mobility behaviour of urban residents. Who are the residents in your city and where do they choose to live and how to commute? Aalto University together with the city of Turku launched a maptionnaire to research what behaviours urban residents demonstrate in their everyday life to better address smart urban planning in the city.
  • Interactive map to promote transport and active mobility in port areas. Port areas and residential areas are getting closer as a result of increasing global merchandise and urbanisation. How to address complex planning of the transport in these areas? City of Hamburg made a case study in the District of Altona, exploring a 12 km cycling commuter route.
  • Adaptive traffic management. What are the innovative solutions to traffic light control? There are new possibilities of collecting real-time traffic data according to users of different modes of transport and of employing these data to optimize traffic management. City of Tallinn launched a minipilot to look into the adaptability application.
  • Innovative engagement of your stakeholders. Active stakeholder engagement is crucial for the urban planning. How to improve stakeholder involvement, broadening the processes and supporting cities? Aalto University with the city of Riga prepared Participatory.Tools as a clear 5-steps guide full of practical examples and hints.

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