UBC Sustainability Bulletin 3/2016

Dear UBC colleagues,

The UBC Sustainable Cities Commission is here to support the members of the Union of the Baltic Cities in solving different tasks and challenges. This work can take forms of facilitating discussions, co-organisation of events (e.g. conferences), providing support with project applications and running cross-border projects. We are also involved in policy document preparations and of course offer direct consultation. We would like to see ourselves as a close cooperation partner that is easy to contact. We believe in the fact that “together we are stronger”.

The autumn is here and our Sustainable Cities Commission is busy with the new projects dealing with urban wastewaters, urban mobility and integrated urban storm water management. We have also been involved in planning of the upcoming Sustainable City Development Conference that takes place on 30 November – 2 December 2016 in Malmö. You can find the details about the event in this bulletin.

Our Secretariat has experienced some changes in the personnel lately. Risto Veivo has left his position in City of Turku and thereby as a co-chairman of the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission. We have received some new employees in our office and during October two colleagues will return to us from maternity leaves. During the summer and autumn new UBC contact persons have been appointed from e.g. Greifswald, Karlskrona, Klaipeda and Kotka. Furthermore, we have a new Advisory board member from Denmark. We welcome Mr Mogens Björn Nielsen, Head of Water Environment and Agriculture at the Center of Environment and Energy in city of Aarhus, who has joined the Advisory board of our Commission!

Reminder: for the moment, we are involved in building new project concepts on resource efficiency, smart energy efficiency, sustainable urban mobility and risks prevention related to climate change. Please get in contact if you would like to participate in their launch!

Björn Grönholm