International conference Linnaeus Eco-Tech 2016

International conference Linnaeus Eco-Tech 2016

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Linnaeus Eco-Tech conference that is held in Kalmar (Sweden) on 21-23 November 2016 celebrates a Jubilee this year. The conference occurring for the 10th time promotes sustainability across the Baltic Sea and focuses on developing technologies for waste and wastewater treatment and environmental remediation. The IWAMA project run by the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission will have its own session on the conference.

The international conference Linnaeus Eco-Tech focuses on disseminating knowledge among scientists, researchers and students interested in smart waste management. Information is distributed in the form of discussions, workshops and scientific papers.

The IWAMA project is one of the active participants of the Linnaeus Eco-Tech this year. The purpose of IWAMA is to attract attention to efficiency and smart sludge approach in wastewater management in the Baltic Sea Region. The projects addresses local wastewater treatment operators in the region to achieve this goal.

The session of the IWAMA project will take place on 22 November. During the session, several presentations will introduce the project for the public to emphasize the major plans and achievements of IWAMA. Representatives from universities and water companies will talk about energy efficiency and sludge management in wastewater treatment plants.

Join this session if you are looking for sustainable solutions to wastewater treatment!

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