Climate Cube on the international conference in Malmö

Climate Cube on the international conference in Malmö

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The municipality of Malmö (Sweden) is hosting an international conference on sustainable city development. It will take place between 30 November and 2 December and highlight the global sustainability goals articulated by the UN.

In 2015 the UN has formulated 17 global sustainability goals thus forming a range of local tools to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These goals include a variety of indicators that need to be ensured to change the world by the scheduled time: quality education, sustainable use of oceans and seas, gender equality and many other factors.

The conference in Malmö focuses on the approach the cities can take towards achieving sustainable development as planned. The agenda of the conference features eleven different tracks that introduce various aspects of sustainability.

In the Baltic Sea Region, three goals outlined by the UN are particularly relevant: #7 Affordable and clean energy, #11 Sustainable cities and communities and #13 Climate action. Based on those, the Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission together with the Council of the Baltic Sea States and Baltic University Programme will organize the track #11: Climate Cube. This session will take place on 1 December 13:00-17:00 and will explore climate change in the cities of the region.

Climate Cube will focus on climate change mitigation and reduction of emissions from buildings, traffic and services. In this context, the discussion will approach the matter of supporting the cities through international cooperation within regional and macroregional projects. During the dialogue seminar of the track #11, the speakers will introduce work on climate change in the cities of the Baltic Sea Region. Further, the round table discussions will serve as a space for sharing ideas and finding inspiration in exchanged experiences.