Energize your city: Local Renewables Conference 2016

Energize your city: Local Renewables Conference 2016

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On 26-28 October 2016, the City of Freiburg (Germany) will welcome everyone to participate in the annual conference on sustainable urban development. The theme of this year is Energising the Smart City and Region, and the event is organized together with the City of Basel (Switzerland) and ICLEI Europe.

Can cities be innovative, smart and sustainable at the same time? Bounded with the predictions of a rapid increase in global energy needs by 2030, the reorganization of cities is essential to prepare them for meeting the energy demand. The Conference will assess the roles of smart technologies and social innovations in improving quality of a city life.

The programme of the Local Renewables Conference 2016 will include sessions on various approaches to energy and sustainability in cities. Furthermore, the participants can join study tours organized in both the City of Freiburg and the City of Basel: these will involve visiting the sites where renewable energy is researched or adopted.

The registration is open until two weeks before the conference.

Visit the Conference website for more information.