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Join the Urban Transitions Mission to facilitate your cities’ transition!

Published: 13 June 2023
The Urban Transition Mission, launched at COP26, opens a call for cities to accelerate clean energy urban solutions! The Mission aims to mobilise decision makers across all levels of government to prioritise climate-neutral and net-zero solutions enabled by clean energy and systemic innovation across all sectors and in urban governance.

CDP launches the 2023 disclosure cycle!

Published: 20 April 2023
The CDP-ICLEI Track for 2023 is now open, providing an opportunity for cities to disclose climate and environmental data. This year, once again, local authorities around the world are invited to participate and report their progress towards achieving sustainability goals between April and 25 July.

“We need to reach the finish line together” – the mayor of Espoo invites to join the climate cooperation

Published: 12 April 2023
The City of Espoo is inviting its partners to join the climate covenant and the cooperation to reach carbon neutrality. Learn about what it takes to build a carbon-neutral society and where to find relevant stakeholders!

Driving change: Cities’ journey to climate neutrality

Published: 12 April 2023
NetZeroCities, a consortium of 33 partners from 13 European countries managing the EU Cities Mission platform, is supporting Mission Cities to drastically reduce their GHG emissions by providing expertise, hands-on support and a one-stop platform for urban climate neutrality resources, tools, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Umeå's Climate roadmap 2030 – A pathway to follow

Published: 12 April 2023
Umeå is one of the cities selected for the Cities Mission. Learn how the municipality integrates holistic targets like climate neutrality, social sustainability, and gender equality in the comprehensive plan, and collaborates with stakeholders!

National climate city contracts to accelerate Swedish cities transition to climate neutrality 2030

Published: 12 April 2023
Viable Cities is a strategic innovation programme focusing on the transition to climate-neutral and sustainable cities. Get to know how they support the Cities Mission among 23 Swedish municipalities!

Cooperation for better future of the Baltic Sea Region

Published: 3 April 2023
The series of UBC TALKS in 2023 opened with an exciting dive into macroregional cooperation, to understand and explain for the local stakeholders the intricacies of the existing interconnections with CBSS, HELCOM and EUSBSR!

The city of Kiel publishes its first Voluntary Local Review

Published: 2 November 2022
The City of Kiel has tasked itself with turning sustainability into a compass to guide all municipal activities, even in turbulent times. In July 2022, the city of Kiel published its first Voluntary Local Review.

The Baltic Sea Challenge and Turku at the UN High-level Political Forum 2022

Published: 2 November 2022
Get to know what was discussed at the United Nations High-level political forum on sustainable development in 2022!

New funding call launched at Interreg BSR conference

Published: 2 November 2022
Interreg Baltic Sea Region Conference gathered 300 participants to inspire each other with past project achievements and ambitions met by the opening opportunities.

Cities as expertise and innovation hubs

Published: 31 October 2022
Highlights from the UBC TALKS about the Cities Mission: how UBC members prepare to act, and where to find available support.

10-steps guidelines to prepare the climate adaptation plan

Published: 13 October 2022
Simple and robust, 10-step guidelines for preparing and drafting the climate change adaptation plan for local governments in the Baltic Sea Region are published.