IWAMA: Improving wastewater management in the Baltic Sea Region

The leaflet Improving wastewater management in the Baltic Sea Region presents the focus areas and major activities planned in the framework of the IWAMA project.

IWAMA aims at improving resource efficiency in wastewater management of the region. The project actions are distributed along three main fields: capacity development, smart energy management and smart sludge management. The leaflet offers an overview of the planned activities including development of pilot investments, launching training webinars and holding workshops, among other events.

The intention of IWAMA is working together to improve the state of the Baltic Sea. In the publication, a visualisation of the scope of the project is present on the map, picturing the geographical locations of 17 project partners and 12 associated partners from 10 countries of the Baltic Sea Region. To strengthen the flow of knowledge and experience, the partners of IWAMA are united to provide the region with inspiration through the Baltic Sea Challenge network.

The leaflet includes contact information for inquires and news about the project.

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