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Date News item
5 November 2014 LearWater Workshop - pilot “Neighbourhood” meeting for wastewater experts in Belarus
29 September 2014 Covenant of Mayors in a Nordic Context - Workshop
29 August 2014 2 new publications from CIVITAS DYN@MO
18 June 2014 UBC EnvCom participated in the Turku Baltic Sea Days 2014
15 January 2014 Head of Secretariat Mr. Björn Grönholm awarded with a Baltic Sea Prize
31 October 2013 QUEST supports cities in sustainable mobility planning
18 October 2013 New co-chairs were appointed to Commission on Environment in the UBC General Conference in Mariehamn
19 April 2013 New project CH4LLENGE tackles key challenges of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning!
18 January 2013 New project at UBC EnvCom: Welcoming CIVITAS-DYN@MO
16 November 2012 New report on municipal climate work published
15 August 2012 Join the Europe’s largest urban mobility portal ELTIS!
21 May 2012 Launch of the Baltic Sea Region Covenant Club at the UBC joint commission seminar in Halmstad
7 May 2012 The CHAMP project came to an end - read more about the results!
7 July 2011 NETworking with the COvenant of Mayors
27 April 2011 500 Good Practices in UBC Wheel
24 November 2010 Warming climate makes Baltic Sea more salty
5 November 2010 The Green Citizens of Europe are living in Umeå
4 August 2010 UBC supports the Covenant of Mayors – 30 member cities have already joined!
25 September 2009 Umeå wins the Best Environmental Practice in Baltic Cities Award 2009
24 September 2009 Solutions local, together