CDP Cities 2018 webinars

CDP will be holding several webinars to provide cities with useful information and tips on reporting throughout the year. For more information or suggestions on topics you would like CDP to cover in the future, please contact cities [at]


  • New 2018 CDP Cities Questionnaire:  Cities that have responded to CDP will be particularly interested in this webinar which will explain the changes to the questionnaire compared to last year as well as new features of the platform. This year we will launch a brand new platform that will provide a smoother, more intuitive user experience and make the process of reporting your climate and environmental data through CDP even easier. 
  • CDP Matchmaker: Showcase Your Climate Projects to Investors: CDP Matchmaker is a new CDP initiative that showcases urban climate projects to the investment community. Join the webinar to learn about climate finance , how the Matchmaker program works, and how your city can participate. 
  • Collecting Your Data: Collecting climate change-related data is a key element of making the most out of the disclosure process. Join this webinar for guidance on how to improve your data collection process. We will identify what kind of data you need, potential data sources, how to create a strategy to obtain data and steps to institutionalise the data collection process. You will also hear from a city official and their experience in collecting climate change-related data. 
  • Getting Started with CDP Cities: Join this kick off webinar to receive step-by-step guidance on how to access the CDP Cities Questionnaire , answer each of the different types of questions we ask and tips on best practice. We will demonstrate a number of new exciting features and tools within the new reporting platform that will help you not only improve the quality of your response but also improve your climate action efforts. 
  • Improving Your Response & New Feedback Methodology: CDP provides your city with insights and feedback on your response after you submit your data. Join this webinar to learn about our brand new feedback methodology that aims to help you identify gaps in your climate change-related data. Prior to submission, we also offer cities a response check service. This webinar will detail how you can take advantage of this free service. 
  • Emissions Reporting and the CIRIS tool: Join this webinar hosted by CDP and C40 to learn about the Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC). This webinar will provide an overview of the GPC and information on how to compile a GPC inventory. 
  • Risks and Adaptation Reporting: Join this webinar hosted by CDP and C40 to learn about the Climate Risk and Adaptation Framework Taxonomy (CRAFT). This webinar will provide an overview of the framework and information on how to best report your actions. 
  • Tools to Drive Action: Join this webinar hosted by CDP to learn about the tools provided by CDP to help inform your plans and actions. We will present on Cities Analytics, City Snapshot Reports, and provide more detail on the feedback we provide your city. We will provide you with insight on how to best use these tools to support your city's goals. 

These webinars will act as a great source of information and as a possibility to get further guidance and support on how to disclose the climate change-related data.