UBC Sustainability eBulletin 1/2015

Welcome to the UBC Sustainability eBulletin!

You are just reading the first issue of our new electronic eBulletin!
There is a lot going on in our commission at the moment and I would like to invite you to take a moment and get acquainted with all the news.
As member cities you know this already:
Fresh winds are blowing in our organization and many things are renewed. Since beginning of March 2015 we are now officially the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission, formed out of the former Commissions of Environment, Energy and Transport. Restructuring and renewal will be a main task for us during the upcoming months and we invite all member cities to actively participate in this. This is a task that we look forward to and we hope it will result in better services and improved cooperation among UBC cities.

We also would like to herewith invite you to our upcoming commission meeting in Turku, Finland!

Currently we are busy preparing full applications for several funding programmes. We have more than ten projects applications on our tables together with many our member cities. The work so far has been successful and we have received positive feedback from funders and partners. Here you can read more in what we are involved in!

With this new quarterly eBulletin we would like to enhance our communication with you: bring to you fast information on what is going on and make it possible for you to participate in our activities!

We are happy to receive feedback from you either throughbjorn.gronholm [at] ubc.net ( email)  or our Social media channels.

Happy reading and have a nice spring,

Björn Grönholm and the Secretariat

15.06.2015 (All day)
10.06.2015 (All day)

The news have spread already on different communication channels: We are now the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission.
Through the restructuring of the whole organization, UBC decided to reduce the number of commissions from 13 to 7 and at the same time combine the thematical fields into bigger entities, as it happened for the topics of environment, transport and energy which are now all combined in UBC Sustainable Cities Commission.

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We are currently living in exciting times: several funding programmes have open calls and UBC SCC is involved in numerous applications, trying to receive funding for our member cities to implement different sustainability measures during the upcoming years and making our cities more competitive, attractive and efficient.

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Do you want to improve your knowledge about Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)? Do you face challenges in your SUMP which you need to overcome?

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Do you want to learn more about how different cities in our region are implementing sustainable mobility?

The Baltic Sea Region Competence Centre on SUMP brings together the knowledge and good examples of sustainable urban mobility planning from the Baltic Sea Region. The Competence Centre was established to assist cities in developing their SUMPs by giving information and support, facilitating exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as offering training opportunities.

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The planner’s toolbox for climate-proof city provides a collection of tools, best practices and reports about the impacts of climate change and how to implement the adaptation activities. It is designated for urban planners and city officials, but it also provides vital information for land owners, city residents and companies operating in fields of construction and green building. The toolbox includes themes like storm water management, green infrastructure, and urban heat islands.

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The Swedish Institute - Baltic Unit recently granted funding for the seed money project "Circular economy in the Baltic Sea Region". This project aims at creating a multi-level network on the concept of circular economy and to share experiences and knowledge on a local and regional level on how to use less raw material and reduce waste in the Baltic Sea region. The network will also identify focus areas in which working groups will start preparing an application for a larger project.

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