Baltic Sea Region Competence Centre on SUMP available!

Do you want to learn more about how different cities in our region are implementing sustainable mobility?

The Baltic Sea Region Competence Centre on SUMP brings together the knowledge and good examples of sustainable urban mobility planning from the Baltic Sea Region. The Competence Centre was established to assist cities in developing their SUMPs by giving information and support, facilitating exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as offering training opportunities.

The Good Examples database collects SUMP related cases from around the region and is one of the key services provided by the competence centre.  

The BSR CC on SUMP also facilitates discussion between BSR cities by organising seminars and workshop on SUMPs:

A workshop called “Innovations in urban mobility through co-creative and integrated planning approach”, hosted by the BSR CC on SUMP, offered UBC cities Halmstad, Oskarsham, Malmö and Kristianstad an opportunity to discuss integrated planning approaches and future trends influencing the development of mobility systems and services in cities. The Malmö traffic and mobility plan TROMP was presented of an example of integrated and future-oriented planning approach (on the picture: Andreas Nordin from Malmö). The workshop took place in the Meeting Point Urban Magma conference co-organised by UBC, taking place in Malmö, 18-19 March.

The centre has been established within the CIVITAS DYN@MO project, which aims to develop Mobility 2.0 systems and services by applying new technology, implement innovative electromobility solutions and involve citizens in a dynamic dialogue on mobility systems and services. UBC member city Gdynia, (PL) is one of the DYN@MO cities alongside Aachen (DE), Palma (ES) and Koprivnica (HR). DYN@MO is funded by the European CIVITAS initiative.  

If you want to learn more about the BSR CC on SUMP activities and DYN@MO project, you can contact Maija Rusanen at UBC SCC!