Sustainable Cities Bulletin December 2017

Dear colleagues,

The year 2017 has been a year full of activities. At the UBC General Conference in Växjö we appointed new co-chairs and Advisory Board for the next two years. During the year, we have also launched new projects and the Baltic Smart Water Hub.

We are also happy to have new colleagues to work with in UBC cities as well as in our secretariat. Climate change has been on a hot topic with increasing challenges with disastrous  storms, flooding in our region. Therefore, our strategical partnership with CDP and the CDP benchmarking tool is important and has been a success. We reached our goals and many cities received a good tool for further develop their cities performance together with other cities and companies.

2018 is just around the corner! Let us continue working on how we in a smart way can commit ourselves to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Expertise and solutions exist in our region, let us share them together. 

Best Wishes,

Björn and the Sustainable Cities Commission Secretariat