Sustainable Cities Bulletin 2/2019

Welcome Summer!

Summer is arriving and we are looking forward to warm holidays and hopefully a lot of outdoor activities. At the same time we hare concerned about climate change and its consequences, such as storms, flooding and heat waves. Climate change mitigation and adaptation is present at all times, and characterizes the majority of our current activities at the UBC Sustainable Commission. At the moment, we are finalizing a lot of projects and funding periods and are involved in updating strategies and policy documents, e.g. our Baltic Sea Region Macroregional Strategy, the HELCOM Action Plan, and the EU´s upcoming funding programme. In these discussions, consultations and updates, it is highly important that everybody is on board as the results will affect our activities during the next five to six years. The UBC Sustainable Cities Commission would be happy to support you with background information, proposals and information about relevant events to participate in. Don't hesitate to be in touch with us!

We are also happy to announce that one of our previous co-chairs Mr. Mikko Jokinen (co-chair 1993 – 2013) was rewarded with a life-time achievement prize by the Mariehamn based Östersjöfonden (Baltic Sea Foundation). We appreciate the enormous influence on, support to and promotion of the UBC that Mr. Jokinen has given throughout years. Mr. Jokinen has been a great example of international cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. We are happy for the award Mr. Jokinen received and grateful for his strong support to UBC activities and cooperation.

Wish you all a relaxing summer!

Björn Grönholm
Head of Secretariat
Union of the Baltic Cities - Sustainable Cities Commission