Smart water community in action

Smart water community in action

17 May 2019
9 July 2019

Cities of the Baltic Sea Region have accumulated lots of knowledge and forerunner’s experience in the water sector, but how to access it? Transnational projects have developed manifold solutions to challenges in water management, but where to find them once these projects are over? HELCOM produces regional recommendations to be followed – but do they take into consideration your local situation?

BSR WATER – platform on integrated water cooperation was launched last year to engage the water sector’s professionals into exchanging good practices and influence regional water policies. The platform work is navigated by UBC Sustainable Cities Commission supported by the partnership with HELCOM, cities, universities and environmental centers.


Are you looking for best available solutions or have a good practice to share?

The online portal Baltic Smart Water Hub accumulates latest and innovative practices, technical solutions and tools for smart management of water resources. The portal operates in different water areas (fresh-, sea-, storm- and wastewater), with a wide range of topics.

We encourage you to engage in the exchange of experiences and promote your excellence in the region!

Are you interested in regional policymaking?

BSR WATER contributes to the development of policy briefs and recommendations on nutrient recycling and handling of hazardous substances in wastewater, and progress in the policy dialog on stormwater management. You can influence fine-tuning of the water quality standards in the Baltic Sea Region or removing barriers in making the water sector smart and efficient.

Follow BSR WATER, join its events and calls for action, and share your experiences – we will bring your common voice to the decision-making levels and to the agenda of HELCOM!


Meet us

The next large event where BSR WATER platform will be presented is the Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. In the framework of the forum BSR WATER will organize a seminar "Safe nutrient recycling for cleaner Baltic Sea" (13 June 2019, 10:45–12:15) focusing on the Regional Nutrient Recycling Strategy that aims to reduce eutrophication and nutrient inputs to the Baltic Sea. The seminar will present the status of the strategy and invite stakeholders to discuss draft objectives, knowledge base and social and economic aspects for safe nutrient recycling in the region.

Do you plan to visit the forum? Visit our seminar or join BSR WATER at the stand to network and learn more about possibilities to contribute to the development of the smart water sector!


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The first BSR WATER newsletter was published in May 2019. Examples of good practices, technical solutions and tools introduced in this issue:

☑ stormwater management and river monitoring
☑ minimizing damages from heavy rainfalls and floods
☑ efficient biogas production at wastewater treatment plant
☑ cost-effective wastewater treatment
☑ assessing carbon emissions in urban water cycle
☑ fundraising for cleaner Baltic Sea