UBC member cities actively learning and exchanging to (further) develop their SUMPs!

UBC member cities actively learning and exchanging to (further) develop their SUMPs!

19 June 2019
19 June 2019

In autumn 2017 the first SUMP Learning Programme was launched within the CIVITAS SUMPs-Up programme and since then over 70 cities from all over Europe have learned, exchanged, discussed and cooperated in four learning programmes. The fifth and last SLP has started in May this year.

The learning programmes are 6 months intensive courses including webinars, e-courses and face-to-face workshops, where a small group of cities (max 25) is cooperating. SUMPs-Up brings together cities and municipalities of different sizes, with different prerequisites but similar experiences from all over Europe – from Norway to the South of Greece. And one thing they all have in common: all municipalities are starting or already implementing a sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP)

11 UBC member cities were part of the learning programmes

“This kind of programme gives great possibilities to build connections with other cities and open doors for cooperation and knowledge sharing in the future as well.” states Ms Anna Huttunen, Sustainable Mobility Manager from the City of Lahti. Lahti was just in the process of developing their SUMP when an application to the SUMPs-Up call was a great addition to get support on the way.

Trelleborg municipality applied to the 3rd learning programme with the aim to raise awareness of mobility aspects and to get support to increase internal cooperation between departments in the municipality. “The opportunity to learn across nations and to establish networks for future initiatives and collaboration was an added value.” says Ms Lina Wedin Hansson, Sustainability Manager from Trelleborg.

The core of the course is of course the content - the cities receive a lot of input and materials to work on with their colleagues to further develop their processes at home. But perhaps even more important is the personal exchange and discussions with colleagues from other cities in the face-to-face workshops.

“I think the most valuable take away of the programme is exactly the discussions with fellow colleagues. It is exciting and kind of relieving to share experiences and see that all cities face challenges when it comes to sustainable urban mobility development. Some of the challenges are similar, some are different, but you acknowledge that there are certain discourses and political debates that are common for all the cities.“ says Anna Huttunen.

The following UBC member cities have been (or still are) part of the SUMP learning programmes:

Panevėžys and Vilnius from Lituania
Gävle and Örebro from Sweden
Tallinn Transport Department from Estonia
 Cēsis and Riga from Latvia
Rostock from Germany
Tampere from Finland (in the leadership city group)

Thank you to Anna Huttunen, Sustainable Mobility Manager in Lahti and Lina Wedin Hansson, Sustainability Manager in Trelleborg for the input!