Video guide: Up to speed with reporting in CDP-ICLEI Track

Is your plan to step up your actions to achieve and sustain climate neutrality and positivity? Would you like to get access to free, scalable, robust and holistic tools to help monitor and showcase your achievements, and compare your result with your peer cities? You can achieve all the above and even more by joining fellow UBC cities disclosing environmental data through CDP-ICLEI Track!

Watch the recording of the webinar that will get you up to speed with CDP-ICLEI Track reporting. You will learn:
• What is CDP-ICLEI Track and how it can benefit my city's climate work?
• How to get started and how much info do I need to start?
• The testimony from the fellow A-lister UBC member
• Questions answered

Would there be any questions or you would like to have a 1-1 call with CDP team, please do not hesitate to email us marta.vescovi(at)


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