Up to speed with CDP-ICLEI Track: reporting and its benefits

Up to speed with CDP-ICLEI Track: reporting and its benefits

Up to speed with CDP-ICLEI Track

Your plan is to step up your actions to achieve and sustain climate neutrality and positivity? Would you like to get access to free scalable, robust and holistic tools to help monitor and showcase your achievements, and compare your result with your peer cities? You can achieve all the above stated and even more by joining fellow UBC cities disclosing environmental data through CDP-ICLEI Track!

Prepare for 2023 report and learn about benefits

You might have received some invitations to disclose your data to CDP in 2022, and here is one more chance to avoid the rush of the 2023 cycle and get started with small steps and personalized help. In addition to that, you will get an opportunity to be featured in our annual 2022 UBC-CDP report!

Join us in this online roundtable exchange on 16 November at 13.00-14.30 (EET) to learn how to start the reporting step by step. You can ask questions directly from both CDP and UBC and hear more about inspiring best practices of the cities that have already achieved the highest scores. For example, the City of Turku, included in the CDP A-List 2021 of reporting cities!

What does this event offer?

We will introduce you to the CDP disclosure, what it is all about, and what benefits and support you would get. You will learn how simple it is to start inputting data, and how easy it is to get started.

Join the UBC members that have already disclosed their climate actions for 2022!

Here are the cities that will be featured in the UBC-CDP report 2022: Aarhus, Arendal, Espoo, Karlskrona, Kemi, Klaipėda, Lahti, Kiel, Malmö, Riga, Tallinn, Tauragė, Trelleborg, Turku, Greifswald, Växjö. You can still contribute with your data and best practices!