Towards integrated and partnership-based planning of brownfield areas

Publication date: 
September, 2018

Brownfield redevelopment is a complex process and requires good cooperation and commitment from all involved parties. This guide is targeted to urban planners and other experts interested to learn more how to develop brownfield areas in cooperation with citizens, NGOs, land-owners, developers and other stakeholders.

Please find below the Guide in Latvian, Estonian, Finnish and Swedish as well as accompanying promotional leaflets.

Brownfield-alueiden yhteissuunnittelu
Till en integrerad och partnerskapsbaserad planering av tidigare exploaterade områden
Pruunalade planeerimise ja koosloome juhend
Integrēta un uz līdzdalību balstīta plānošana degradēto teritoriju revitalizācijai
Guide leaflet (English)
Guide leaflet (Estonian)
Guide leaflet (Finnish)
Guide leaflet (Latvian)
Guide leaflet (Swedish)