Developing brownfields via public-private-people partnerships - Lessons learned from Baltic Urban Lab

During Baltic Urban Lab the project cities have explored different methods for stakeholder involvement and participation. Experiences and lessons learned from cities have been now gathered and analysed in one publication “Developing brownfields via Public-Private-People partnerships” published by Nordregio. The report is based on observation and analysis of the methods for stakeholder involvement and participation that project cities Norrköping, Tallinn, Turku and Riga have tested. The main approach has been to observe what can be done to involve private actors, local inhabitants and other public departments in the planning process, as well as to understand what can be gained by applying a 4P-approach to the planning of brownfield areas around the Baltic Sea. 

The report introduces each brownfield development site and the most important stakeholders in the respective planning project. Furthermore, each stakeholder involvement method is analysed using the democracy cube introduced in the report.  Finally, the report gives space for reflection and key messages about the 4P approach implemented by each city.

The report is targeted to local planners and other experts seeking to include various stakeholders and establish close cooperation between them. The project outcomes may also be of interest both to students and researchers, as well as to EU programmes that support urban planning projects.

Report cover