Baltic Urban Lab Good Practice Database for Brownfield Redevelopment

Baltic Urban Lab collected examples of brownfield regeneration projects from the Baltic Sea region and beyond to share examples of how cities have successfully managed complex urban regeneration projects. Cities around the region with similar challenges can learn from these examples. In addition, a collection of tested citizen participation tools is available in order to get concrete ideas and inspiration for stakeholder involvement activities. 

Brownfield regeneration: 

  • Quality program for the Inner Harbor in Norrköping;
  • 3D visualisation tool aids brownfield redevelopment in Norrköping;
  • M4H harbour area transformation in Rotterdam;
  • Brownfield revitalization as a social process – Case Mūkusala, Riga;
  • Planning the soil remediation in cooperation with stakeholders, Turku;
  • Hiedanranta - smart and sustainable city district of the future in Tampere;
  • Vulkan in Oslo - showcasing sustainable urban development;
  • Fixfabriken - attractive residental housing area in Gothenburg, Sweden;
  • Hammarby Sjöstad - one of the world’s most successful urban renewal districts;
  • Smart and Sustainable Kangas in Jyväskylä;
  • Redeveloping Eternitten in Aalborg;
  • Telliskivi Creative City in Tallinn;
  • Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park in Poland;
  • Västra Hamnen area - Bo01 - waterfront regeneration in Malmö;
  • Redevelopment of Torņakalns district;
  • Wooden Riga - Promoting the Cultural and Historical Heritage of Grīziņkalns;
  • Revitalisation of Spīķeri block in Riga;
  • Restoration of Miera garden recreational area.

Citizen participation and stakeholder involvement:

  • Raising awareness through Clean-Up Days, Riga;
  • Student Competition as a planning method for brownfields, Riga;
  • Alby Folkhälsopark (Alby Public Health Park);
  • Citizens vote on climate change adaptation options in Kalundborg;
  • Safety walks for citizens in Turku;
  • Sparring groups for the Skanssi district in Turku;
  • Citizen dialogue for Vision Älvstaden, Gothenburg;
  • Using 3D models in city planning, Norrköping;
  • Citizen budgeting for river access development in Örebro;
  • Citizens discuss on Tallinn Main Street;
  • Involvement of youth in the public space planning in Malmö.

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