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Integrated Solutions for Sustainability Management in the Baltic Cities. A toolkit supporting local authorities to develop an organisational unit to ensure sustainable city development.    
Type: Publication
Urban sustainable development requires resources, skills, understanding, good communication and commitment, and most of all and organizational structure to manage the efforts. The URBANworks-toolkit that was developed in Integrated Solutions for Sustainability Management in Baltic Cities, SUSTAINMENT, during 2006-2007, supports the development and the establishment of a sustainability management…
Type: Toolkit
As people travel to buy goods and use services, they generate traffic. It is the ordinary day-to-day activities of urban residents - going to the shops, visiting the dentist or attending school - that generate traffic. Many cities face a multitude of challenges related to these activities, congestion, noise, air quality issues, health, safety, quality of life and the problem with a multitude of…
Type: Toolkit
Topic: Mobility
Water binds together the populations of the cities around the Baltic Sea. This has been the case throughout history and now the cooperation is being further developed. Closer ties are emerging through contacts between countries, through the many different joint projects and the positive spirit of cooperation that are in the process of being consolidated.
Type: Environmental Bulletin
Cities and urban areas play a central role in the wellbeing of European citizens, since eighty percent live in urban areas. Cities are a major source of prosperity. They are propellers of growth that radiate vitality far into the surrounding rural areas. The competitiveness of cities is a prerequisite for the European Union's success in global competition.
Type: Environmental Bulletin