Quality Management tool for urban Energy efficient Sustainable Transport


The main aim of QUEST was to develop a Quality Management tool to help small and medium-sized cities to set-up and further develop their sustainable mobility policies and actions with the assistance of an external expert – the QUEST auditor. QUEST supports European cities in making real progress towards a more sustainable transport system and helps them to find solutions for achieving the desired goals.

The emphasis of QUEST is on stakeholder involvement. It aims to create common understanding among local stakeholders in the city, identify the most promising areas for development and to support processes in the city which lead to actual improvement.

Based on the results of QUEST Audit and Self-assessment, a tailor made Action Plan is recommended to each city going through the process.  Cities that complete QUEST successfully will receive a QUEST certificate which recognizses their efforts in sustainable urban mobility planning.


  • Analysis of the existing framework and tools which seek to assess and improve urban mobility plans and synthesis of the previous EU projects which have focused on developing similar auditing and certification schemes;
  • Development of the QUEST methodology , comprising of 10 steps, and piloting the method in 6 QUEST cities Bath, Chomutov, Gent, Gävle, Padova and Donostia-San Sebastian;
  • Organisation of 7 international city workshops to facilitate the cooperation and  exchange of experiences between 46 QUEST cities;
  • Implementation of the QUEST tool in 41 cities from 13 different countries with the support of QUEST auditors;
  • Establishment of the QUEST academy and a training programme for future Auditors to continue the work in the post-project period.


  • 46 European cities completed the QUEST process successfully  and received a tailor made Action Plan and a QUEST certificate which recognizses their efforts in sustainable urban mobility planning;
  • Altogether 17 QUEST auditors have been trained and the QUEST methodology has been made available in 20 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.
  • A QUEST academy has been established to safeguard the quality of the methodology; ensure training activities in future and provide a platform for exchange of experiences between QUEST auditor and cities.


IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe Programme