SUMPs-Up - European Programme for Accelerating the Take up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

Project description

The need for more sustainable and integrative planning processes has been widely recognised. CIVITAS SUMPs-Up promoted and supported a broad take-up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) especially in regions and cities where the take up was low. A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan has an integrated approach and fosters the development of all relevant transport modes while encouraging a shift toward more sustainable modes.

During the project SUMPs-Up aimed to:

  • Analyse and verify specific take-up needs for SUMPs in European local authorities;
  • Identify the most effective tools for SUMP development and actively support their take-up in several types of cities;
  • Assist cities in designing and packaging SUMP policies and measures to achieve their identified goals;
  • Foster knowledge-transfer and peer-to-peer exchange on SUMP development and implementation
  • Maximise the number of high-quality SUMPs in Europe;
  • Support national governments and multipliers in developing facilitating structures for SUMP;
  • Highlight SUMP benefits by evaluating its impacts, and optimise SUMP support activities by assessing the impacts of the project, its tools and guidance;
  • Actively disseminate the SUMP approach and tools, showcase the learning experience of SUMPs-Up cities;


CIVITAS SUMPs-Up aimed to develop innovative SUMP approaches to boost a new mobility culture in European cities. To achieve this goal, SUMPs-Up deployed 14 innovative measures in seven city partners grouped in two pillars: planning processes, and financing and implementation

In addition, CIVITAS SUMPs-Ups offered European cities a variety of different training and capacity building activities on SUMP development and implementation and supported exchange and learning between colleagues from different countries.

During the project, CIVITAS SUMPs-Up launched three calls to join its Innovation Pilot Pool (IPP). The objective of the IPP was to select a total of 100 planning authorities to provide technical services in applying SUMP approaches, tools and methodologies in transport planning practice in real conditions at the local and regional levels. The IPP offered two different take-up levels of activities: inspiration (SUMP learning programmes) and performance/action such as testing approaches and techniques for SUMP development available in the SUMP Tool Inventory in their local context.

The IPP enabled the creation of a community of transport professionals.  IPP members took part in thematic SUMP Learning Programmes (SLPs). SLP activities were organised around a mix of online and face-to-face training elements over six months. The selected authorities participated in 12 learning elements:

  • Three online courses;
  • Three webinars;
  • Three physical meetings (workshops/study visits) and
  • Three peer-reviews and one-to-one expert support sessions with a facilitator or city partner.

The selection of IPP members were made through a series of calls for applications. CIVITAS SUMPs-Up published:

  • Three annual calls to recruit a total of 90 planning authorities for technical services
  • One call to recruit a core group of 10 planning authorities for in-depth SUMP development

To enable also a wider group of mobility experts and practitioners to benefit from the results and knowledge of the project, a variety of learning opportunities were offered throughout the project. SUMPs-Up offered training on the SUMP development and implementation in the form of e-learning, webinars and training events. These activities were targeted at mobility experts that are not being selected through the IPP calls.


  • Comprehensive Learning and capacity building programmes developed based on analysis on the real take-up need in European cities
  • 100 local authorities receiving technical support by participating in SUMP Learning Programmes
  • 200 Mobility experts participated in SUMPs-Up learning activities
  • 30 cities prepare SUMP ready for adoption
  • Collection of top 50 SUMP tools in inventory with advanced search function for local context conditions
  • Updated SUMP guidelines with new good practice examples
  • 14 process and measure related Pilot schemes implemented in CIVITAS SUMPs-Up partner cities
  • Standards for SUMP Action Plans developed
  • Manuals  on the integration of measures and measure packages in SUMPs prepared
  • Guidance for Innovative financing alternatives and procurement procedures for SUMP measures developed


CIVITAS SUMPs-Up was funded by the CIVITAS initiative under European Union’s Horizon 2020-programme.