Disseminating Smart Water Competence in Belarus

Smart Water Competence

The project "Disseminating Smart Water Competence" is implemented to support the lifelong learning sector in Belarus. The project utilizes the existing "Baltic Smart Water Hub" portal accumulating cases relevant for the particular geographical area. The cases are translated to Russian language and a publication is prepared to improve knowledge transfer of smart solutions to Belarus. Reaching with these cases to the Belarusian water experts ensures innovative character of good practices transmitted to the national water sector through academia and wastewater treatment operators of the project partnership.

The project is led by the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission, and the partners from Belarus represent


Council of the Baltic Sea States, CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development, Baltic 2030 supported by the Swedish Ministry of the Environment.



  • Increasing the dissemination of good practices exemplifying possibilities of smart water and wastewater management in Belarus.
  • Promoting lifelong learning and influence teaching practices in Belarus.
  • Increasing knowhow of the Belarusian WWT sector.
  • Raising the capacity of the WWT operators in Belarus.
  • Promoting the knowledge of the Baltic Smart Water Hub portal for Belarusian users.

Disseminating lifelong learning to the water sector in Belarus.

Professional training and lifelong learning are crucial for the whole water sector of the Baltic Sea Region. However, the level of development and performance of this sector varies significantly between the countries around the Baltic Sea and in its catchment area. The Belarusian water and wastewater treatment sector is seen as a target to focus activities on knowledge transfer of smart solutions existing in the region to ensure the innovative character of good practices transmitted to the national water sector.




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